April 14, 2023

Operating principles

I’ve had a growing list of these in Notes rounding-up the rules I try and live by. I’ll add more as I find them (last updated 2023.04.15)

  • Spend more time really understanding the present and making it better than you do predicting or designing the future (the now is undervalued)
  • Make things better - always leave things in a better state than you found them
  • Decentralise the decisions, centralise the vision and principles
  • Automate routine stuff, leave the complicated stuff to humans
  • Find (or create) and reinforce positive feedback loops
  • Don’t worry about predicting the future, focus on understanding the present
  • Make it safe to change your plans
  • Do the work to make the work work
  • Avoid creating bottlenecks, never be a gatekeeper
  • Avoid big, attention-seeking, resource hungry projects: find the little things with unnoticed potential that don’t need lots of energy - set a few of these going
  • (Plan your) measure twice; cut (confidently) once - inspired by Chris
  • Your job is not to make decisions, it’s to ensure that the people around you are able to make good decisions
  • Power rarely acts against its own interests - recognise where power lies and where your plans are working with or against it.


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