April 21, 2018

Design Systems, brand and identity (part three)

Previously I’ve outlined why we needed to create a more systemic approach to building our digital UI and described how brand and identity play a role in this, in this final part I’ll talk about the design system that we built, which we called Tesco’s Digital Design Language and of course immediately gave the three letter acronym of DDL.

We created the DDL as a visual design system to address the challenge of our look and feel being utterly inconsistent across our digital estate, in fact we were often inconsistent within a product. The DDL is an initiative that was initally proposed to answer the question: how should our digital estate look to our customers? By getting the many design teams and stakeholders together we would create a specification for our most common user interface elements. By having standardised versions of these elements we created the ability to optimise and improve them for everyone, rather than at a local isolated instance - in effect, we created a feedback mechanism for our look and feel.


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April 20, 2018

Design Systems, brand and identity (part two)

This was intended to be about a talk design systems and how they relate to Tesco’s brand and identity. So let me start defining some terms:



design systems design language design strategy brand inclusivity scale
April 19, 2018

Design Systems, brand and identity (part one)

Here is the issue

Our digital estate grew very quickly and tactically: when Tesco saw an opportunity to meet its customers in a new channel we went for it - groceries, sofas, kitchens, GM, carpets, wine by the case, media streaming, and so on.


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March 27, 2018

How we made the country’s most accessible grocery shopping app (without anyone noticing).

Feedback we live forFeedback we live for

Getting buy-in


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December 13, 2017

Rent-seeking leadership

I’ve been thinking about value creation for the last week or so. I had beers with a friend and he made the crazily provocative statement that he felt like in his career there were only a couple of times where he felt that he was actually putting new value into the world, rather than just moving it around.



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August 7, 2017

Big design

When a company as large as Tesco creates digital products and services, they’re used by hundreds of thousands, even millions of people. As a brand we’re unashamedly mass market and aim to meet the needs and support the lives of the whole country. Designing for such a broad range of customers creates a fairly unique set of constraints and considerations on our product design teams including

  • scalability
  • usability
  • desirability
  • inclusivity.


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